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The Statistics of Suicide

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Do you believe that the number of suicides in the world exceeds 800,000 cases each year? Facing this high number, it is necessary to develop studies and research around this serious scourge.

Every 39 seconds someone commits suicide somewhere in the world! And every year, 876,500 people die from various suicidal acts. It really is a scourge that deserves that we pay much attention to the causes and motives behind this serious problem and try to find more cures to end it. This article presents the real causes that lie behind suicides from research that has cost millions of dollars, and the goal is to find an effective solution to stop these suicides. Despite the large sums of money each year invested to solve this problem, the number of people who commit suicide each year remains quite stable with a small increase as population grows.

The truths about suicide

Factors leading to suicide

Protective factors against suicide offered by modern science

Scholars who have studied thousands of cases of people who committed suicide, certify that it is necessary to protect people who suffer from psychological disorders that may lead to suicide. It is necessary to watch over them from a medical standpoint and provide them with a stable and healthy mental state. Of course, these scientists try to cure the disease after it occurs. In fact, the expert doctors generally conduct studies and analyzes at the onset of the disease in order to find the right cure. However, these scholars have not been able to find an effective remedy to reduce suicide because global statistics show that the suicide rate is almost stable and varies around an average of up to one million suicides year.

Catastrophic figures

For those who believe that we are exaggerating, we present a very precise statistics which was conducted during the yer 2002 in the United States of America and the results are as follows:

We can say that on average, each year 100,000 people die in accidents such as car accidents, etc.. In contrast, 30,000 people kill themselves. This emphasizes all together the large numbers of people who engage in suicide. The most surprising thing in this report is that 5 million Americans have tried to kill herself! Despite all the pleas which have been invested to end this scourge, the number of suicides has increased by 60% compared to the end of the last half century. Previously, it was believed that some people just showed a tendency to suicide, but studies have demonstrated that each person can attempt suicide if suitable conditions arose. It was believed earlier that talking to someone who thinks about suicide on the reasons for his suicide, would only encourage more to act. However, recent studies have shown the opposite, ie that speaking of the consequences of suicide, its profound results and the pain it causes can prevent suicide to some degree.