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Suicide and obesity

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Below is a confession of a person suffering from obesity who is contemplating suicide. Despite what they say obese people suffer usually from their condition. There are many old and new diet solutions like garcinia cambogia supplements and others, but the person needs to have the will to follow these programs in order to become successful. Below is Anna's story.

I am obese. I weigh 100 kilos for 163 cm, I am 45 years. I work part-time (could not find better) as secretary and in the evening, I help a couple of elderly people.

In 1996, two years after the birth of my daughter, I weighed 56 kilos, I was a round and very pretty, tidy, comfortable in my skin, I was fine and I liked my body shape. During my pregnancy I gained 11 kilos and gave birth to a little girl of 4 kilos. Alas ...

My journey in life has been very violent. Diagnosed with a mental handicap my child will never, ever like the others. Following the announcement of this terrible handicap in one year I gained 10 kilos. Under the guidance of a psychiatrist who prescribed prozac, I lost 15 kilos. Unfortunately, the joy was short-lived as I took another 20 kilos quite rapidly afterwards. Then the accidents of life succeeded: fire in my house and of my car, physical aggressions, separation with the father of my daughter who did not stand his daughter's state as well as mine, despite my best efforts large financial worries that made me very precarious.

This results in a strong depression since that time. To treat my depression, I have seen many psychiatrists and I have been under medical treatment so as not to sink: always an anti-depressant with anxiolytic with sleeping pills. Today, after trying so many diets that led to a weight gain of 40 kilos, I have consulted a surgeon who does not want to operate me. Admittedly I have no cholesterol or diabetes, but I do not see myself starting a new diet, I don have the strength anymore! I heard of some dieting pills like raspberry ketones or garcinia cambogia, but they are expensive anyway.

I do not go out other than to work or to my daughter. I'm hiding everywhere I go, I have a lot of shame. Before I practiced a lot of sports, cycling, swimming, fitness, hiking, dancing. I simply like sport simply that was to get a particular physic. Now I cannot move. Going out becomes a terrible ordeal. I stay locked up and eat, eat, eat. With my daughter we isolate ourselves a maximum. She is autistic and is frequently a victim of uncontrollable seizures (rolling on the ground and drooling). Others look at us with an upset look. To compensate for this terrible misfortune, I eat so much. This leads me to financial difficulties, the food is expensive but I can not see myself explaining to my bank that my money goes on food! I cry. I cry a lot. I cry every night I have frequent anxiety attacks. I'm just wondering why continue to live this crazy life, why not shorten the suffering of my daughter who is constantly under strong medication?

In addition I have the great ability to deceive the world arounf me. In fact, I appear well in his skin completely mocking my extra kilos, assuming the sitation thoroughly. Nobody around me knows that I suffer to the point I want to finish my life. End this deformed body, also finish with my daughter's autism and all this unnecessary suffering. Thank you to have read, this is the first time I speak about this.