California Assisted Suicide

Assisted Suicide - An overview

yes for assisted suicide Assisted suicide can be defined as the action whereby the person is helped by another individual to finally end up in his death. The term assistance is used here as death can be supported by any means including drugs or other equipments to cease life. This is considered as the right to death and is categorized under legal, illegal or undecided based on the jurisdiction as well as the culture of that particular region.

Religious belief over suicide differs from one faith to another. It is considered as an unforgiveable sin resulting from confusion, unknown causes or despair in certain faiths. In certain parts of the world including Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium and three states of America consisting of Washington, Oregon and Montana assisted suicide is regarded as legal. Each jurisdiction has their own laws with different opinions on the same matter and many others with law suits and certain clause to finalize the same. In Canada, suicide is not a crime but physician aided suicide is of course an offence.

The legislation legalization supporters of assisted suicide talk about the freedom to die. They claim that every individual has the right to choose whether to live or not depending on his health conditions and if they are left to take an appropriate decision without harming others, what matters the rest of them? The majority who think this way opt for a suicide when they are in mental stress or other conditions to end their life. A famous proponent of assisted suicide was Jack Kevorkian.

Have you thought about the others who are willing to die but are helpless without the assistance of others due to any illness, handicapped or other similar conditions?

It is their right to die that must be brought into the limelight and their requests accepted to get rid of the immense suffering. They have absolutely no hope for the future and what they see is nothing other than degradation, more suffering, pain and fall. If merciful killing is what can bring happiness to their face, what is wrong in accepting their plea? Is it not cruel to let them suffer for the rest of their life?

On the other hand, there are opponents talking about preserving and protecting life by the society considered as its ethical obligation. Assisting in another man's death flushes away any humanity that remains within the other individual thus violating the fundamental basics. The society is forced to protect and preserve the lives of each and every individual and not to destroy it.

The people opposed to assisted suicide talk about the importance of why this law is not sanctioned. If mercy killing is allowed, what will be price of those on the bed? Does it mean that death is the only answer to those who are living in an undesirable or worthless condition? If we devalue another person's life, it is very clear that we devalue ours too.

Assisted suicide is not accepted in a majority of nations thinking that the doctors and nurses will be put in terrible pressure to make this happen. It is clearly showcased that the value of a human is greatly deteriorated with assisted suicide and so it is very important to respect each and every life irrespective of the current condition.